Customize your ATV or UTV by adding wheels and bumpers

One of the best parts of being outdoors in the wilderness is the openness and freedom you can experience. Riding your ATV or UTV through that rugged terrain is a blast. This year the weather for getting out there and riding was pretty amazing, and even now, if you are willing to brave the harsh elements you can have fun.

polaris rzr indy red with No Limit Wheels Octane Positive BulletOne of the best parts of extreme ATV and UTV riding is customizing your vehicle and truly making it your machine. There are so many ways to improve and customize your ATV, where to begin can be a real uphill battle. Two of the best places to really show off your customization to your friends and others is with the bumpers and wheels. Both are big and very in your face, which means if you do it right, you are sure to catch people’s eye. Customizing these two parts definitely shows you are a dedicated rider and take the sport seriously. Now the hard part, finding a company that can provide you with just the right look for your wheels and bumpers. At No Limit Wheels, our selection of customizable wheels is diverse and allows you to come up with just the right fit for you and your vehicle.
We have a wheel builder which guides you through a step by step process allowing you to customize each aspect of your new wheels. Our process allows you to pick your model, your color, your style and finally your rim edge. We also have some of the coolest bumpers available with their LED addition which is available to any bumper you order. These LEDs are bright, will keep you visible and are built to last. Even after the bumper they are in is pounded on by a hammer and the bumper begins to dent, the LEDs are still going full strength!

So whether you’re riding through the canyons and deserts in Colorado or along the mountains of the Appalachian trails, make sure your ride shows you truly care. Make your ATV be the talk of the group and show your skills conquering those trails!