Your Guide to No Limit Wheels Brands and Wheel Options

One of the best parts of owning an ATV/UTV is the ability to truly make the vehicle your own. Today, there are a ton of fun options to customize your vehicle but two of the unique ways are custom wheels and bumpers. With so many sizes, colors, and styles available, the world is your oyster. Done right, your wheels can truly make your side by side stand out from the crowd and show everyone that you’re a serious rider.


We build wheels for the following brands:


No Limit Wheels’ custom wheel builder will easily guide you through the process of choosing the perfect wheels for your needs and taste.
Step 1:

You’ll first choose a model:

Storm: 14×7″, 15×7″

Deuce: 14×7″, 15×7″

Octane: 12×6″, 12×8″, 14×6″, 14×8″
Venom: 12×6″, 12×8″, 14×6″, 14×8″
Vector: 15×7″


Step 2: Next, you will choose your color. We offer a huge selection of colors

Next, you will choose your color. We offer a huge selection of colors including matte and shiny black, reds, blues, yellow, orange, white, silver, gold, and green.

Step 3:

You’ll choose from one of No Limit Wheels’ three styles: Standard, Tracer, or Positive.

Step 4:

Finally, you can choose your rim edge: Standard, Line, or Bullet.

No Limit Wheels ATV Rim Styles
Pictured Left to Right: Octane, Revolver, Venom, Vector



Side by Side Wheels
Pictured Left to Right: 14″ Gloss Black Positive Venoms with Bullet Edge, 14″ Voodoo Blue Positive Octanes with Bullet Edge with “Bad Dawg” Engraved in Spoke, 14″ Yellow Positive Venoms with Bullet Edge and “Gorilla Axle” engraved on edge with head in center


ATV Rims and Wheels
Pictured Left to Right: 15″ Gloss Black Positive Vector with Bullet Edge, 12″ Matte Black Positive Revolver with Bullet Edge, 14″ Orange Madness Positive Octane with Custom Engraving







Be sure to check out our facebook or Instagram for more custom wheel ideas and combinations. Need help choosing or ordering? Don’t hesitate to contact No Limit Wheels today. We pride ourselves on our unparalleled customer service, and we can ensure you that you will always speak to an experienced representative with your best interest in mind. Call us at (888) 848-8024 from 6:00am-5:00pm (Pacific).