Why you need metal Can-am Defender bed hinges or bed mounts

Why do I need metal / steel can-am Defender bed hinges or bed mounts?

Why do I need metal / steel can-am Defender bed hinges or bed mounts? Canam Defender bed hinge or bed mounts replacement for your dump bed should be one of the first upgrades to your UTV.  Can-am stock bed mounts are PLASTIC and are prone to breaking.  Our heavy duty, powder coated Defender bed mounts are the best replacement hinges you can buy for your Can Am.  The No Limit Bed mounts are engineered and manufactured 100% in USA using state of the art CNC laser and press brake to ensure perfect OEM fitment.

What are Canam Defender Bed hinges or Bed bed mounts?   All Canam Defenders have a dump bed and all of these side by sides have plastic bed mounts.  The Plastic can am bed mounts or bed hinges are what attach the dump bed to your UTV.  The stock bed mounts are fragile and should be replaced with our heavy duty steel bed mounts so that your dump bed doesn’t break or detach from your side by side.

Canam defender dump bed_hinges or bed mount upgrade from stock plastic hinges.
2014-2023 Can-am Defender bed hinges attach your dump bed to the frame using plastic bed mounts.

If I buy No Limit Bed Mount / bed hinge will it work with any rear bumper?  Yes, in-fact we strongly recommend replacing your plastic bed mounts on your Can Am Defender before they break.  Many customers experienced how plastic bed hinges break when using their rear bumper to pull, push, or bump into anything.  Our customers have also reported breaking their stock bed mounts when navigating through their farmland, trails, and even mud holes.

Broken plastic bed mounts, also known as bed hinges will allow your entire dump bed detach from your canam Defender
Broken plastic bed mounts can leave you stranded with your entire dump bed detached and dragging behind your canam Defender

How easy are the Bed Hinges / Bed Mounts to install?

It takes 2 bolts each side using the factory hardware.  There is no drilling or cutting to install them onto your Defender.

Will the steel bed hinges / bed mounts fit my Can-am Defender? YEP!  Here’s a list of Defenders that will work.  Don’t see yours listed? Call or email to check fitment