Patriot All Terrain Tire

Sizes: 30x10x15; 30x10x14; 28x10x15; 28x10x14


  • 8ply
  • all terrain
  • heavy duty puncture resistant sidewall
  • Measure true to size
  • ATV or UTV
  • available as mounted wheel and tire kit
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee

Patriot All Terrain Tire



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UTV and ATV Patriot all-terrain 8ply tire

Patriot All Terrain Tire 30x10x15 UTV and ATV 8ply tire by No Limit Wheels built specifically for UTV and ATVs. The Patriot all-terrain 8ply UTV tire features a repeating, modern tread pattern for improved ride smoothness and a stylish, custom tire look. The 8 ply carcass construction promotes a higher load rating, longer tread life, and extreme cut, chip and puncture resistance.  Our UTV tire features a rugged sidewall to handle the harshest and most extreme riding conditions.

With a nearly 1-inch tread depth, the Patriot tire is designed with the style and performance demanded by today’s enthusiasts. In addition to being a rugged non-directional 8ply tire it also  features an aggressive tread pattern that provides tremendous performance, but is smartly spaced to offer excellent ride quality.

True to size:

No Limit Wheels offer 30x10x14, 30x10x15, 28x10x14, and 28x10x15 sizes.  Many tires in the ATV UTV industry don’t measure true to size.  The Patriot 8ply UTV tire height is the same as advertised.  We find it odd to call a tire 30″ when it only measures 28″ or 29″ tall.  Our 30″ tires measure… yep you guessed it, 30 inches.

Wheel and Tire Kits:

Wheel and tire kits come mounted and ready to ride when you order our No Limit Wheels with the Patriot All Terrain Tire 30x10x15.  Add wheels and tires to your cart for you UTV and we will automatically have them mounted, and delivered to your door.

The Patriot, offered for 14 and 15-inch wheels and fit nearly all Side by Side, UTV or ATV.

30" wheel and tire kit
30″ patriot utv wheel and tire kit in Lime Squeeze deuce by No Limit wheels