Rear winch bumper for Canam Defender

Rear Winch Bumper for Canam Defender

Rear winch bumper for Canam Defender are hands down the best rear bumper you can buy for your can am.

Canam Defender Rear Winch bumper with LED light pods mounted XMR Defender.

Our rear winch bumper design is different than any rear bumper in the UTV / side by side industry because our winch plate allows you to mount your winch behind your bumper.  The can-am rear winch bumper comes with the welded winch plate, light pods, and steel bed hinges at no additional cost.  The No Limit rear bumper’s frame mounted tow hooks are un-rivaled by any utv bumper brand

How easy is it to install the rear winch bumper?

Rear defender winch bumper installs using 4 bolts! You will also need to install the steel bed hinges, replacing the stock plastic bed mounts.  Here’s a link to the bed mount install video.

What’s included with the purchase of the gen2 can am defender rear winch bumper?

  • Hidden welded winch plateCanam Defender Rear Winch bumper with LED light pods mounted XMR Defender.
  • Two light pods, wiring harness & switch
  • Bed hinges / bed mounts
  • Frame mounted tow hooks

Why are rear bumpers one of the first accessories to buy for my Defender?

The reason most people make a rear bumper a priority when buying accessories for your Defender is because no Canam Defender come with a rear bumper from the factory.  Since your can am defender doesn’t come with a rear bumper you are leaving your plastic dump bed exposed to damage.  Our Gen 2 rear winch bumpers offer maximum protection while still offering that clean low profile look that everyone wants.

Does No Limit offer a non winch rear bumper?

Sure do!  You click on the link for our non winch rear bumper with lights.