No Limit Wheels turns ATV UTV into Extreme Machine!

No Limit Wheels turns ATV, UTV into an extreme machine, which can be as fun as riding in the great outdoors.  There is almost no limit to the trails you can explore across this great country.  If you’re limited to how far you can travel then try the same trails in different weather and seasons.  There are always ways to give yourself new challenges, and the freedom and flexibility that come with the sport are part of what makes it an endearing activity.

Storm two piece modular wheel by No Limit Wheels
ATV / UTV matching red Storm 2pc wheel

At No Limit Wheels, our favorite activity besides riding is working on our rides.  There are so many ways to soup up that ATV or UTV and make it even more tenacious and eye-catching.  Judging by our work, some might even say we take working on our rides to a whole new level, especially when you check out our wheel customization options.

We know how important it is for you to stand out from the crowd and have your own look and style.  That’s why we offer 33,600 different wheel combinations.  Don’t let that massive number scare you, though, with our easy to use wheel builder tool you can figure out your own style in less than five minutes with just a few clicks.  Our aim is to make your shopping as quick and painless so that you can get back to riding those rugged trails.

OEM color matched RZR Bumpers

Wheels and tires aren’t the only way to customize your vehicle.  One of the other parts best for customizing to show off your dedication and style are

Polaris Indy Red LED bumper by No Limit Wheels.
Matching Polaris red bumper

the Polaris RZR front bumpers.  The No Limit bumpers are 100% made in the USA.  We have a whole selection of colors for you to choose from.  You can match your wheels with your bumpers, or you can mix it up.  Our bumpers are incredibly strong because they’re made out of 1 and ¾ inch thick steel tubing, which means they can shrug off hits.  What really puts our bumpers up and above your traditional bumpers though are the impact-resistant LEDs that you can choose to add to them.  These little guys give off a ton of light and look amazing on the bumper.  What’s even more important, though, is they can take a beating and keep on working.  They’re also made so that installing the wiring is quick and easy.

So while you’re kicking your feet up after a long hard ride, be sure to check us out at  You can also get social with us by checking out our Facebook page, Pinterest page, and Instagram